My introduction to you

I love movies. I mean that’s the only way I can start this without writing three days of blog in one foul swoop, I mean I really love film I starting really loving movies when I was kid I wanted to see everything that came out and and had watched everything in our VHS library multiple times. But a few years ago I starting going to the movies multiple times a week and for the first year I realized that I need to do something with this time I’ve been spending in the theater. But I used every excuse and procrastinated for at least another two years and now were in 2017 and i knew if I don’t do it now ill never do it so my goal is to write once a week for movie reviews, and will write about some movies news and rants in between.

A Cure For Wellness Review

Gore verbinski has always had a interesting career, but has never had solid footing in mainstream success which has always puzzled me considering his resume is something to ponder on I mean his direction of the first pirates of the Caribbean movie was dazzling and has aged well, but not can be said about its sequels, and even the ring as horrifying as it is he never tried his hand at horror after that, but after the disaster Lone Ranger was and his dismissal from Disney I think a few years off would put him in the right mind to make another movie that would be on par with his earlier work and after seeing the trailer for his recent project I had high hopes that A cure for wellness would be that movie and I’m not so sure…..
Walking out it took me awhile to really analyze the movie as a whole I couldn’t figure if everything I saw was secretly brilliant or it was a jumbled mess disguised as something slightly good. The movie does look great and that’s accredited to Mr. Verbinski the movie has this green and blue tint that gives it a eerie feeling at all times especially when the movie is in the asylum. Its use of establishing shots and overall cinematography are great if im going to give it praise for something that’s definitely the biggest highlight I can go with. The movie itself however struggles to keep any real suspension even though its marketed as a thriller, whenever any real tension is built up such as when a character finds it a secret or if another character isn’t who they say they are either the movie will show a quick edit of something weird or countless times it would be a dream sequence and it would cheapen anything that happened prior.
The acting in this movie is ok no one person stood out to me as great. Dane Dehaan(Chronicle,Spider-Man) plays Lockhart a wall-street broker going to the Swiss alps to get his boss from this rehab center in the Swiss mountains. Even though I haven’t seen Dehaan in a lot of films I do give him props for some of the physical torture he goes through in this movie, it was almost unbearable to watch and even Mia Goth(Everest,Nymphomaniac) who hasn’t had a lot of work yet goes through some very WTF scenes in the third act that also had me squirming in my seat. 
Overall this movie struggles to scare or even thrill and though it may take a few times to watch to fully understand where its going, I doubt anyone will take the time to do so i’m going to give A Cure For Wellness a “D”. If you saw this movie comment and tell me what you thought, and leave a like and subscribe for more.

The Lego Batman Movie

​In 2014 Warner Brothers released The Lego Movie and it took everyone by surprise just how great it was. The witty dialogue and that fast paced humor really set it apart from most kid’s movie, I mean almost immediately after leaving the theater I was singing that “everything is awesome” song. It also put Lorde and Miller a duo of directors who had done the 21 Jump Street movies before this into a positive light and showed that they have a really knack for comedy.
 But after the successful run of Lego Movie a sequel and some spin off movies were greenlit one of them being the Lego Batman Movie directed by Chris Mckay(Lego movie,Robot Chicken) and a all-star cast of Will Arnett(Batman) Michael Cera(Robin) and Zach Galfinakis as the Joker, and this movie shares the same spirit and the same type of comedy that the Lego Movie has it hits all its jokes and never stops until the end its so fast-paced i’m almost sure I missed a few jokes by laughing at the ones prior to it for so long. 
One of the things I noticed almost immediately after the jokes was the colors used in this movie, it has this great tone of orange and a array of dark colors to give you a good look of how Gotham City is it really gives this movie a feel reminiscent to the other Batman movies. I also loved the use of the supporting characters outside of Batman like “Barbara Gordon” and “Alfred Pennyworth” are great characters that compliment the jokes being used but one character I really liked was “Robin” Michael Cera(Arrested Development,SuperBad) has a voice for cartoons and i’m glad to see him putting it to use in the last couple of years, but his voice as Robin was such a great use of energy and warm light-heartdness that i couldn’t help but grin at his back and forth with Batman because he was a lovable character that just wanted a family. 
Overall I loved watching this movie its a perfect family movie that keeps kids and adults interested im going to give Lego Batman a “A”.
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Quick Thoughts: Superbowl movie trailers

​Yesterday was the super bowl and even though the game didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted, (sorry Julio Jones and the pass rush you guys were the real MVP of the game) I did enjoy the movie trailers we got and want to give you guys my reaction and review of them.
The first one was Pirates Of The Caribbean:Deadman Tell No Tales this franchise has not planned out the way I think Disney wanted it to, the first movie was highly praised for its originality and Johnny Depp bringing the highly charismatic and comedic Pirate Jack Sparrow to the screen but with a four sequels. Pirates hasn’t had the staying power and leaving most people rolling there eyes but with a new movie coming out in the summer we can only hope it can the pirates franchise back to where it once was.
The other trailer was The Fate Of The Furious and can I just say please can we just put this series to bed already, by all means I don’t hate the Fast movies but after the unfortunate death of Paul Walker two years ago I think number seven was a perfect way to end that franchise. But because Hollywood saw how much it made at the box office it was only logical to make another one, nevermind it losing one of its biggest stars they still tried to make something out of it with newcomers like Jason Statham,Kurt Russell,Charlie Theron,and even Dwayne Johnson coming back a fourth time nothing about this movie has me excited anymore.
Wolverine is back! And I have to say out of all the trailers this is the one im most excited about this summer based off the comic series “old man Logan” Wolverine gets a third stand alone movie but this time with the R-rated stamp its going to show a very real and gritty portrayal of the former X-man and with the success of Deadpool there’s a lot of momentum going for the fox studios right now.
The trailer for guardians of the galaxy shows just how great the comedy and action set pieces are going to be. The first Guardians was so incredibly unknown and it was a homerun for the marvel/Disney studios showing they can take any property and turn it into gold and I feel the sequel will be the same way with the original cast coming back and everyone already falling in love with baby groot this is definitely on top of everyone’s list.
Transformers: The Last Knight yeah it exists……carry on!
Though it isn’t a movie the teaser trailer for Stranger Things 2 debuted and it was chilling the first season was loved by many, I mean I couldn’t tell you how many people told me to watch this show and i’m glad I did.
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My most anticipated movies of 2017

​Every year I like to check the movie calendar and see what is coming out that might catch my eye, whether it be a big name property that was announced at least a year an advance or just a title that sounded interesting, I look for something that I can mark on the calender, but here are five movies this year that I am definitely excited to see. 
5. IT (Release date September 8)

Were living in a time were everything is getting a remake/sequel and most of the time they haven’t lived up to there predecessor (im looking at you ghostbusters) but with Andre Muschietti who directed the short and feature length movie Mama they both have a psychological element that would fit perfect in this movie.
4. Dunkirk (Release date July 21)

Christopher Nolan(Dark Knight Trilogy,Interstellar) is back this time with a war drama based off the event during world war II in france, I always keep a eye out for whatever Nolan has decided to put his time into, he can turn even the most thought provoking plot into a highly entertaining movie I.E inception.
3. War Of The Planet Of The Apes (Release date July 14)

Planet of the apes has had its ups and downs as far as the franchise is concerned the 1970s movies have not aged well, but have done a lot for movies with its sci-fi pseudo thriller/horror type of flow but after two movies it went overboard and began to lose the stamina it once upheld. But when Tim Burton created a remake in hopes to breathe new life into a basically dead franchise it seemed it didn’t have the legs to carry fans with it being critically panned and not making the money it should of, it seemed Planet Of The Apes was going to fade away in obscurity that was until Robert Wyatt(the gambler,the escapist) made Rise Of The Planet Of Apes and gave it a great new twist including its sequel Dawn Of The Planet Of The Of Apes which was a box office hit and critically acclaimed so naturally there be a third installment and after watching the teaser I got chills afterwards. It appears this might be last one seeming it really all comes down to whether humans or apes will take over the planet, and if that is the case here’s to hoping it goes out on a high note. 
2. God particle (Release date October 27)

10 Cloverfield Lane was the secret (sort of) sequel to cloverfield, it was a strong movie that had me on the edge of my seat the whole time but prior to that cloverfield was another movie that was shrouded in secrecy. So knowing there’s a Cloverfield cinematic universe (the CCU it has a nice ring to it, don’t you think) made that jump up to number 2 on my most anticipated list. As of now there doesn’t appear to be to much about what its about other then it will be set in space, man October can’t get here fast enough.
1. Stars Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (Release date December 15)

Star Wars is my favorite franchise of all time and when it was announced that there was going to be a new trilogy it keeped me up for nights I couldn’t wait to see what JJ Abrams(super 8,star trek) would do and left a lot of questions floating in my head like what story could you tell after return of the Jedi? Would the old cast come back? Is it going to be like the prequels? After its release I saw it five times in theaters it was incredible I had tears of joy knowing we have more Star Wars its great seeing kids now having a interest in these new characters like BB-8,Rey,Finn,Poe, and the old cast being incorporated into the story I only hope that Rian Johnson (Looper,Breaking Bad) can keep the excitement in the second installment of this new trilogy.

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Oscar nominations 2017

​As 2016 comes to a close we finally reached the part of the year were we celebrate what films get to take home the gold. Overall I think this year was very back heavy with movies like arrival,hell or highwater and La La Land definitely being the highlights of this year. im going to give my opinion on all the major awards and possible winners keep in mind I don’t live in a big market for movies so some movies I didn’t get to see such as Lion,jackie and captain fantastic because they either were never released here or got releases after I posted this but with that being said let me get started.

Best picture: 

I think arrival was such a beautifully shot movie. I went into this movie hoping for a big action film against aliens but instead came out with a film that was a hundred times better. Amy Adams and Jeremy renner have this great working chemistry that elevates it a bit higher I know it can be a slow burn but the way it pays off in the third act makes it worth it.

Best director:

Damien chazelle is going to do great things in the future not only for himself but for movies, I was stunned at the remarkable performances in his last project “whiplash” and when it was announced that his next movie titled La La Land was a musical, I raised a eyebrow but I still went in excited and I completely fell in love with this movie its nostalgia vibe for old school Hollywood and love of jazz music makes it so much more then a musical. It completely deserves all the praise its gotten during the golden globes and the oscars and I hope this movie is still loved thirty years down the road as it is now. 

Best actor:

To be honest I thought we would of heard the last of Andrew Garfield after what was supposed to be a trilogy of new Spiderman. It was a trainwreck what happened to that franchise under Sony that left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth but Andrew has Proven me wrong with two great films in one year “hacksaw ridge,silence” but his performance in hacksaw ridge really sticks out to me it has a depth that puts him a strong darkhorse contention the way Eddie redmayne did in 2014 for the theory of everything and he end up winning. I feel that luck will run with Garfield this year as he sneaks his way into the votes.

Best actress:

Like I mentioned before I haven’t seen every movie nominated one of those films being “jackie” but I’ve read and seen a lot of reviews and blogs about Natalie Portman’s performance in this movie and knowing just how great she can dive into a role like in black swan or V for vendetta I know she has the chops to carry a movie that really has a viseral look to it like Jackie. 

Best supporting actor:

Hell or highwater was easily one of my top 5 movies of this year and part of that is Jeff bridges, he is such a crucial part of it and boy does he deliver I haven’t seen Jeff this good since true grit but he really makes the energy of this movie, I couldn’t think of anyone else who could fit that role as perfectly as him therefore I think he takes home the gold this year.

Best supporting actress:

I enjoyed fences as a movie but one thing I took away from it when the credits rolled was viola Davis she does a phenomenal job in this movie considering its based off a play and the amount of dialogue that’s in it is a lot more then anyone can chew, but her performance matched with Denzel Washington is electrifying especially one scene where she has this back and forth with denzels character as she slowly starts to yell at him as tears are rolling down her face its amazing.
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